Who we are

We proudly say that we are the combination of best skilled digital marketing enthusiasts.

Just like success of Digital Marketing is dependent on integration of various digital platform, similarly, our success is all because of our team integration. They work together, eat together, & enjoy together.

The whole team of Digital GK is the combination of Digital Marketing experts. The team is comprises of world classes creative designers, social media experts, marketing analysts, SEO experts and they all works under GK’s supervision.

We are just not a team, we are the family. We make sure that whatever we do, we do it with proper analysis and integration. This helps us in giving proper justice to client by giving proper desired results. We honestly love our work.


Leadership Team

Digital GK - Gaurav Khunteta

Gaurav Khunteta

Founder, Director
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Khushi Jain

Content Creation Head
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Akshay Sharma

SEO Head
Diksha Lalwani - Digital GK

Diksha Lalwani

Graphic Designer
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Dinesh Sharma

Graphic Designer
Business Tie-Ups