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Marketing is all about creation, innovation & experiment. Just don't be afraid to experiment!!
Gaurav K.


When your company needs to grow, you need leads for it!!

Lead Generation starts by recognising audience that are most likely to engage with your marketing message, just before shepherding  lead prospects through the funnel that defines in each stage of conversion process.


When your company needs to accelerate, then go for the ultimate goal.

Brand Acceleration is the most important aspect of any business. The ultimate objective of the business is to make revenue & earn retention. We literally are growth hackers for n number of companies. Let’s make your brand shine.

Performance Marketers

When your company needs to perform digitally, choose us!!

Performance Marketing is the need of the hour. Due to Covid-19, digital presence is must for every company.  At Digital GK, we and our tie-up Ad Yogi, we together are pioneer of performance marketing for any business.

Why Us

How we do it

Gain Digital Advantage

Innovative strategies

Strategy is all about making smart choices and selecting best options from variety of options in order to have better chance at winning, and innovation is one of the way to achieve strategic goals. We at Digital GK, innovate and develop best possible strategies in order to make any brand flourish on digital platform.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Strategic insights

By utilizing our unique process and framework, we identify relevant insights that helps in creating best strategy for our clients brand. We basically take three kinds of insights into consideration; insights about current situation, insights about brand’s future and last insights to minimise the gap between current and future. 
This way we help brand to create an impactful marketplace differentiation.

From Art to Science

Personalized tactics

We strongly believe personal touch helps in creating better experience. We always put user first whether while designing any website or creatives, or while developing any strategy.

When developing website we want to make first time visitor feel welcomed and while developing strategy we take existing customer in consideration as well as we try to build link between inbound traffic and personal experience.

About Us

Who we are

The Best Digital Marketing Agency & Institute in India. We strongly believe that data and user experience can make any brand shine.

Digital GK - Gaurav Khunteta

We are the decisive factor behind your success.

Over the period of 10 years, Gaurav Khunteta (Founder) have coached 100+ entrepreneurs and students across the globe. Some of them has made an exceptional mark in internet marketing field and some of them has found themselves a decent job.

Mr. GK have been termed as one of the best Digital Marketing Trainer in Jaipur, India. The USP which makes us stand apart from Digital Marketers is our amalgamation of theoretical and practical approach.

This Pandemic has affected a lot of business and we have seen that now businesses are looking over to have their own digital presence. This has increased the interest of not only of our young guns but also of regular marketing executives to learn Digital Marketing.

Apart from being the top Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur, we are also termed as the best Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur – India. 

The whole team of Digital GK is a combination of experts. Apart from Gaurav Khunteta, the rest of the team is comprises of world classes creative designers, social media experts, marketing analysts, SEO experts and they all works under GK’s supervision. 


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